Marco Emballages

Marc GODDYN, owner and CEO of Marco Emballages company.

Marco Emballages company has existed since 1965. It is specialized in manufacturing advertising bread bags and napkins made from pure white cellulose. The company was taken over by Mr Goddyn in 2001.

Due to its constant business development, the company needed more space in its historical site located in Hem near Lille. This is in a brownfield located in Cambrai region (precisely in the “Sasa Industrie” former plant based in the city of Saint Python) that the company found a 2,000 sqm building ideal for its development.


 ” I took over Marco Emballages company more than 10 years ago near Lille where local authorities never paid any attention to my business. On the contrary, here in Cambrésis, Cambrésis Développement Economique and the local elected officials of « Communauté de Communes du Pays Solesmois » showed their interest right away in my business development. Our set-up was highly made easier by the specific financial support established by the « Communauté de Communes du Pays Solesmois » in order to encourage us to redevelop a part of « SASA Industrie » brownfield on the municipality of Saint Python.” Marc Goddyn, CEO of Marco Emballages.