Human wealth

  • Direct access to a dynamic, young, motivated and loyal employment area.


  • A quiet social climate.


  • High quality training equipment:


++ Cambrai satellites of Lille 2 University – (Law, Economic and Social Administration …) and Valenciennes Hainaut Cambrésis University (IUT Quality, Logistics and Organisation, IUT Technique of Marketing for Agro-food industry…)
++ Regional University of Jobs and Crafts in Caudry (training in food industry, Building industry, Services and Care to the person) and in Solesmes / Formatech ( Logistics and handling training ( CACES, overhead crane… ), Safety at work, Building, Industry ( weld, electricity…)
++ Agro-food hall of training – Cambrai
++ Sainte Croix agricultural secondary school
++ Superior School of Arts – Cambrai
++ Training Centre CCI Grand Hainaut – Cambrai ( tertiairy sector )
++ Several BTS ( Tourism,Management, Trade…)


  • Key figures


++ Almost 1, 500 students
++ Over 20 secondary schools for more than 15, 000 pupils
++ The Cambresis accounts for over 160, 000 inhabitants in a "Lille Region" of over 4 million ( 2nd region densely populated in France )
++ "Lille Region" is also the youngest region of France with more than 30% of its population under 25
++ "Lille Region" is the 2nd education pole in France with more than 30 High Engineering Schools, Management Schools and Marketing Schools