A unique life quality

Far from stress, near the basics


  • A remarkable architectural and natural patrimony:
    ++ Cambrai ‘ City of Art and History’
    ++ Caudry ‘ City and Art professions’
    ++ A lot of hiking trails, some of which are labelled ‘ High National trail’
    ++ Tourism of memory with the artistic centre La Maison Forestière in Ors in homage to Wilfred Owen, British poet and soldier dead during WWI,
    ++ Vaucelles Abbay, its learning centre about religious facts
    ++ Flowery towns and villages…


  • A dense and various cultural offer:
    ++ Departmental Matisse Museum in Le Cateau Cambrésis
    ++ Arts Museum in Cambrai
    ++ Lace and Embroidery Museum in Caudry
    ++ Cultural programme Scènes Mitoyennes (Cambrai and Caudry Theatres )
    ++ Cultural programme in rural environment Scènes du Haut Escaut
    ++ European Chamber Music Festival Juventus in Cambrai
    ++ Alternative Music Festival Betizfest in Cambrai
    ++ Handy’s Arts Festival in Caudrésis-Catésis…


Regional flying school Glider and ULM, activities for people with disabilities, Rowing, Field Hockey, Golf…

  • Dynamic club and societies: